1999 -2019: 20 years survivor of MOVE YA!
Memories and highlights of the last 20 years


September 10th, 1999: Start of MOVE YA! in Hamburg

MOVE YA! was founded by two students named Anke Hauerwaas & Frank Baumann

The vision: to be completely different and create a special tool for trainers

Anke Hauerwaas supports clients, sales and the accounting department / Frank Baumann is the DJ

Oktober 2nd 1999: first eight CDs are released?: "STEP EXPERIENCE", "POWER AEROBIC", "SPINNING", "BLACK ATTACK", "UNDERGROUND CLUB SOUND", "LATIN HOUSE ", "DISCO 2000"

December 1999: First visit of the convention "Crazee X-Mas" in Damp


February 2000: First big and really important convention (SAFS & BETA in Hamburg), meeting with active competitors at that time

Creative, unprecedented performance with drummers, wigs and dance interludes

The MOVE YA! logo, the unmistakable little man is created on a napkin at Hamburg harbour

First appearance at the then biggest bodylife convention in Karlsruhe. The first presenters become aware

March 2000: The first "CHART ATTACK" is released


The MOVE YA! subscription starts with the series "STEP EXPERIENCE", "POWER AEROBIC", "CHART ATTACK", "SUPER SWEAT"

Leaving the flat sharing appartment; moves to the first, large office in Luisenweg, Hamburg

First presenter CD "DANCE TO HEAVEN" released with "godfathers" Mark-Oliver Kluike and Lucia Schmidt

International presenters like Robert Steinbacher, Calvin Wiley or Pierre Ammann want to work with MOVE YA!

Expansion of national sales via DTB shop and HORN publishing house

Maren Helms supports us on fairs and then starts 2002 - meanwhile one of the "longest" MOVE-YA! employees and almost "part of the inventory"


All CDs appear as double CDs

Sales goes Europe: Austria, Spain, France and Sweden are conquered

The first online shop goes live

"TRILOCHI" and "VIBES" are the first independent productions together with LuNa Schmidt and MOVE YA!

MOVE YA! brings Christmas music to the classroom

The DJ Andy Heick starts at MOVE YA! and is still on board and our head of the music department.

Christiane-Gesine Reese starts as a trainee in graphic design and since then (with a short interruption) has been doing her mischief in media design


Four CD series celebrate their birth: "HOT IRON", "FIT OVER 60", "DRUMS ALIVE" and "ITs PARTYTIME"

Own videos to the topic Pilates are produced with Juliana Afram

Launch of the first own MOVE YA! collection

Partnerships are formed in Slovenia, Hungary and Norway

MOVE YA! becomes GmbH and Anke Hauerwaas becomes Managing Director

ICG® Indoorcycling Group becomes partner of MOVE YA!

Margarete Gockel becomes illustrator of MOVE YA! CD Series

Hauke Ralfs comes aboard and becomes another MOVE YA! veteran


The "American Dream": Exhibition booth at the ECA in NEW YORK

Americans love the music brand "made in Germany" - and Sportswave becomes a partner

The conquest of Europe is being driven forward: New partnerships in England, Australia, Poland, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Finland and Estonia

IFAA in Germany is a perfect representative

Heiko Czichoschewski creates the "SKI FIT" in cooperation with us


Cooperation with the IFAA: First common "BO:TASTIC" production

Start of the series "GREATEST HITS REMIXED"

DVD breakthrough with "BODYFACTS" in the DVD market

Another new product on the music scene: "DJ SESSIONS" with stars like Markus Gardeweg, Milk & Sugar, Global Deejays, DJ Antoine and world star ATB

Absolute bestseller: The "DANCE AEROBIC Vol. 6" by Marc-Oliver Kluike


The presenter series is created: CD projects with personalities such as Patric Lauruhn, Ilaria Montagnani, Rebecca Small, Christiane Reiter, Andy Goller, Patrick Goudeau, Hugo Diez, Tony Stone and Danny Arnold

MOVE YA! is spreading: Cooperation with partners such as Fitness FX and new markets in Belgium, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands

The "MOST WANTED" series is born

The "BEST OF" series is created, "BEST OF GRAND PRIX" is released

October 12th 2006: New webshop goes online

Thorsten Hinrichs comes as a trainee for media design, stays stuck in the internet department and now is head of web and IT


December 7th 2007: Our first own convention with our partner IFAA: "VIBRATIONS"

Balázs Füzessy is a new representative of MOVE YA!

"FINAL HIGHLIGHTS" becomes a big success

"MEGA STARS" series started


Innovative CD projects with Sebastian Piatek and Tom Woll are created

New partners AeroNet and IST as well as the Aroha Academy are on board

Breakthrough in England thanks to "Jumpy Bumpy"

December 6th, 2008: The second "VIBRATIONS" starts at the ETV in Hamburg

Yvonne Natzenberg conquers customer service and is still the heart and management of the department


10th anniversary: reconstruction and enlargement of the offices

August 29th 2009: Party with 150 friends, partners and companions of the past years at the port of Hamburg

First, own productions in 3/4 time with Carlo Stottmeier are created

Sven Lawitschka now officially supports MOVE YA! in the event and trade fair sector


MOVE YA! starts with its own publishing house. First, own productions are published and marketed. "My Production Music" is created; music licenses are sold

First CD with Marcus Schweppy "Dance Sensation by Schweppy Beatz" released

New product series with the addition "GEMAfrei" (royalty free) is created. Including "Flexibar" with Barbara Klein and Andy Sasse, "ATHLETIC MOVES" with Gunda Slomka, "DRUMS AROUND THE WORLD" with Carrie Ekins, Sharon and Frauke Winkler

First "Megamix" by the master DJ FlimFlam appears, becomes a total success and underscores the musical flair and concentrated competence of the MOVE YA! DJs

MOVE YA! is the first fitness music provider to address the Interval class theme

Agata becomes an irreplaceable part of MOVE YA! teams


"PARTYKRACHER" becomes a new series of successes

The "ANTARA" concept of the STAR-Education is musically realized by MOVE YA!

The "SENIOR BEATS" series is created and introduces a new "Beate" music series

Own produced compilations like "TRANCE FEELINGS", "GROOVE IS INT THE HOUSE", "LATIN FEVER", "THE ART OF STUDIO 54" will be released

New release after a long time with Marc-Oliver Kluike: "MY MUSIC", "STEP SENSATION" with Pawel Oracz and "DANCE SENSATION" with Stelios Kon


The production team around MOVE YA! and GEMAfree publishing house is growing rapidly. Five freelance musicians are now working for us

GOLDEN BEATS" in collaboration with Drums Alive (Carrie Ekins, Frauke and Sharon Jackson) are released

Morgan Moreau - FRENCH KISS" and "Jutta Schuhn - ROCK DIVAS" are two presenter highlights of the year

Online fitness is booming and MOVE YA! provides many providers with music for their courses, such as Pure-Life, NEW MOOVE, MC Fit etc.

The topics INTERVALL and TABATA become popular

We make a mark with the "POWER INTERVAL" CD/DVD with Andy Goller, Coco Jörn and Marc O. Kluike


Our entire, successful series will be continued

"CLASS CREATOR" is launched. The idea was great, unfortunately the technology was not implemented as desired and the product is not successful. It will be discontinued in 2015

GROUP FITNESS TOOL 2013" - the learning and starter tool for trainers - is distributed free of charge via schools

Mrs.Sporty becomes new partner of MOVE YA!


Update Fitness becomes a partner of MOVE YA! and since then we are happy to develop the products P.I.I.T. and PUMP in cooperation with Pierre Ammann

Dance Fitness Week: Unique event trip with over 120 fitness enthusiasts to Turkey

AROHA - NEW VOYAGE by Bernhard Jakszt" is produced and released by MOVE YA! publishing house

"ORIENTAL DANCE / BOLLYWOOD with Romeyo Weiss goes on sale as own MOVE YA! release

TRILOCHI" by Kerstin Hecking and Manuela Busch is released

"FUNTONE" by Jana Spring is released via MOVE YA!

Cooperation with move2fit begins

Successful release "WAVES", conceived by Andy Heick, goes on sale for the first time and remains in series production


The program series "M.A.X" by Cyrill Lüthi - Star Education - is produced by MOVE YA!

Powermusic and Jumping become further partners

Anette Alvaredo's "PURE PILATES" appears, "CHANGE YOGA" series continues with LuNa Schmidt

MOVE YA! is the first provider to release two classic compilations: "KLASSIK RELOADED" and "KLASSIK RELOADED - TONING"

The last DVD production series is filmed and released by the end of 2017:



The end of partnerships

The successful team "Anke & Frank" dissolves

Separation from PurePleasureMusic, IFAA, HOT IRON


New partner from Sweden: Swedebeat supports with music licensing and music solutions

"GODEEP" series launched as new subscription product

The success series "DRUMS ALIVE" is combined to a "Best of" album


MOVE YA! goes online: Relaunch of the webshop

Our own MY! APP is available from the APP Store and allows you to play the downloads

The series "MASTERS ON BIKE" is developed in cooperation with the Master Trainer of ICG

"MY! DJ SESSIONS" is revived with our celebrity DJ Kai Schwarz

Our "TRAINER TOOL", the training tool for the B-license, is available to schools free of charge

"SUMMER JAM" goes into series production as the new starter of the year

Sonja Homann takes over the acconting department - and already belongs to "MOVE YA!s heart inventory"

Janina Heimann will take over MOVE YA!'s legal and human resources departments following the separation of the shareholders in 2016

Marc-Oliver Kluike is committed to MOVE YA! as a permanent employee after many years of "freelance work"


Move from Hamburg to Winsen: Ankes initial dream to house the office in an old villa is realized in the heart of Winsen

Partnership with Powermusic begins: the MY!PM brand is born

"PILATES & WORKOUT - CHART HITS" as new series is available in the subcription

The quality of the own publishing house productions is still optimized and creates products such as: "70s DISCO", "360° POWER WORKOUT" by Arne Derricks, "ALL ABOUT HOUSE MUSIC 2", "ANTARA 6", "CHILL HOUSE PILATES 5", "A WORLD BEYOND", "DEEP FOCUS", "FASCIA PILATES 3" by Bodymotion, "JACARANDA" by Gaby Fastner, "FLOWING STRETCH 2" by Gunda Slomka, "FUTURE HOUSE 2", "GO DEEP STORM", "LET YOUT INSIDE FLOW" by Young-Ho Kim, "PILATES TROPICAL WORKOUT Vol.2", "PILATES FLOW TONIC 6", "PURE DRUM-TENSEGRITY" by Gunda Slomka, "RHYTHM OF LIFE" by LuNa Schmidt, "TABATA XPLODE", "TABATA TWO", "TIME FOR ROCK", "TRILOCHI TRANSITION"

Sandra Meyer-Lindloff supports MOVE YA! in sales and customer service and is slowly making herself irreplaceable

Sinan Isik from Hannover supports us as a new graphic designer and social media expert with heart, hand and ideas

Inge Staschick the former heart of MOVE YA! distribution supports us to the best of her ability at trade fairs and events and is back in the "team" again

Partnership with fitnessschool.tv


It’s all about music, no matter when, how, where innovative products arise:

"MY! UNLIMITED - your music mix flat subscription for the class and individual training area" will be launched at the FIBO fair

MY! RADIO launches with our partners MUSIC2BIZ, SoundtrackYourBrand and Swedebeat

First steps in the end consumer market, first playlists for better, private training are available on Spotify

First compilations like "GODEEP LIFE" and "BEACH HOUSE Vol. 1" are available in digital distribution via Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Deezer etc. and can be streamed. From now on new releases every 14 days on www.move-ya.de/myworld

Also this year the own productions are inferior to the compilations; products like "BACK IN BALANCE" by Matthias Naujocks, "BUDDHA BALANCE" by Heiko Czichoschewski, "FUNCTIONING 2" by Andy Goller, "MOBILITY" by Claudia Hölzl, "BEACH HOUSE 4", "GODEEP SPIRIT", "BACK IN BALANCE" by Matthias Naujocks

New partners on board: bellicon, XBODY/XBEAT and Slashpipe

Teaching tool-products including films are created, like "POWER INTERVALL" with Arne Derricks, "AQUA POWER" by Slashpipe, "JUMPING" by SAFS&BETA, "BELLICON JUMPING", "MUSIC REVOLUTION" by Sebastian Piatek

New team members 2019: Patricia Klünder brings a breath of fresh air into the marketing & PR department and Marcus Möller supports us as a competent trainee in e-commerce

And now we are 20 and we are celebrating – celebrate good times


MOVE YA! is market leader in the area of group fitness in Europe and a standard address for all trainers. Our offer includes almost all music styles. We are short of and are constantly on the move with our considerations to develop the best concepts, ideas and products for you.

The love for what we do, the love for music, the love of our customers for our products, the passion of our team to work for MOVE YA!, are all factors that have made MOVE YA! what it still is after 20 years and will remain for the next 20 years. Because we still have a lot to do! To all friends, customers, partners a hearty "Thank you"! We owe the fact that we are here to all of those who go and have also gone the way with us for a certain period of time.


Gitta und Detlef Hauerwaas – thanks for your support!

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