Easy, fast and legally secure, license high quality music at low prices!

We offer you different license models for the realization of your project. We distinguish between single projects and flatrate subscriptions, which are interesting for you if you continuously need different music within your project.

The licensing is basically unlimited in time and territory.

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What do we license?

What do we license?

We provide you with perfect GEMA/AKM/SUISA-free group fitness music for your online fitness classes - via livestream, video-on-demand or fitness workout videos.

What licenses are available?

What licenses are available?

You can license individual projects from us as well as take out subscriptions that allow you to produce unlimited and continuous video content.

License for Studio, clubs, trainer Company, fitness chains All
License Subscription Subscription Single project licensing
Short stats Music access to over 150 mixes for video production on YouTube, TikTok, social media, own website Music access to over 150 mixes for video production on YouTube, TikTok, social media, own website Licensing of single tracks or fitness mixes for online and DVD projects
Subscribe Send request Single Tracks
Fitness Mixes
What does the license include?

What does the license include?

With the licensed music you can use your videos worldwide and for an unlimited time. All tracks are 100% GEMA/AKM/SUISA free, so there are no additional costs. All rights are owned by us. The license includes the usage license incl. public performance and sychronization rights.

How is the access to the music?

How is the access to the music?

Generally, music access for subscriptions is via app to our music repertoire. The app can also be used to create your own playlists including mixing and pitching. In addition, the tariffs UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film GYM PLUS and the flat rate MY! MUSIC LICENSE flat rate, there is also the option of downloading the music.

With single licensing, a download / MP3 is always delivered.

Other license models

If you need licenses for a project that is not covered by our license models above, please send us a request.

We will answer you as soon as possible or call us at +49 (0)4171 - 79599-0.

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