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Get started and become part of the digital MOVE YA! family - your ultimate training and idea pool.

Whether you are just starting teaching or have been teaching for years.

If you always wanted to make your own videos available to a large platform, we have just the right thing for you now.

We want to create a community that takes your training to the next level and gives you all the inspiration and motivation you need to teach with ease.

It is not about comparing yourself with others. It's about you.

Sport can change our thinking and acting in a unique way and above all it can connect us. Show us your workout and just have fun with it.

Wether group fitness courses, functional training, nutrition tips, meditation... Anything that will help any of us shift up a gear is welcome.

This community is for those who know that it takes more than one person to make a difference - it takes a team and we want you to be a part of it.

The only important thing is that every video is shot with our GEMA-free music.

How it works:

You send us a link with your video, the title, the duration and the music used.

We look at each video and check it for content and quality and this appears on our website.

We also use the link with your video for our MOVE YA! YouTube channel and for our MY! APP.

Please remember that it is only possible with the MOVE YA! royalty free music only.

You can hardly wait to get started? Neither can we.

So what are we waiting for? Start now!