For our 21st birthday we offer our newest product at a promotional price: MY! UNLIMITED FREE - Music & Film Offer starts on the 08th of october 2020. MY! UNLIMITED FREE Music & Film includes on the one hand with UNLIMITED FREE access to over 135 MOVE YA! Group Fitness Mixes, which you can use for public playback for teaching purposes. On the other hand you get the right to use this music for audio-visual recordings that can be used on your website and all social media channels via livestream and video-on-demand (streaming only, no download). Worldwide and for an unlimited time. The offer refers to both the TRAINER (19,99 € instead of 24,99 €) and the STUDIO tariff (29,99 € instead of 39,99 €). It applies to the annual subscription and the 3-month deal (TRAINER: € 59.99 instead of € 74.97 / STUDIO: € 85.99 instead of € 119.97).

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