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  • AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe

AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe - MP3

Quick Overview

The Music Mix:
The fun, the water, the music. Our new AquaPower mix brings movement to the pelvis. The best songs of the past few years never sounded more grooving and powerful and thrusts wave-like endorphin. For the perfect soundtrack and an unforgettable waterworkout, a matching choreo film can also be found below.

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Your Choreo Tool:
SLASHPIPE - AQUASLASHING is a very effective training workout thanks to its persistent water resistance and high levels of exercise. The muscles in the body must constantly fight against the water pressure, resulting in increased muscle growth and a very high calorie consumption. But the resistance also has an additional benefit: It massages the muscles, thus tightens the tissue and reduces unpleasant muscle soreness.
Another plus point is that you hardly perceive the double effort through the cool water and you can playfully tumble pounds. The blood circulation is stimulated and tense muscles can be relaxed.


To present this film in public or offer the content as a course, you need a license.

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€19.90 incl. VAT

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  • Aquapower #1 by Slashpipe + Choreo Tool

    AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe - MP3
    AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe - Choreo Tool

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  • Aquapower #1 + Step Experience Summer 2019

    AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe - MP3
    STEP EXPERIENCE Summer 2019

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  • Aquapower #1 + Mobility

    AQUAPOWER #1 by Slashpipe - MP3

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